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How To Make Six Figures A Year At Almost Any Age


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How old are you? Do you make six figures? I know that you almost always need good grades to go to a top MBA program because most B-school advisors and admissions directors state this fact. My sources on this are primarily law school websites and admission counselors. I also know that there are successful attorneys from all tiers of law schools. There are definitely lawyers from fifth-tier law schools earning well-over K. Gotcha, even though you have not graduated undergrad yet, do not have an MBA, and do not make six figures, I appreciate your correction and your perspective.

If you put forward no effort and receive no results, you are also not entitled to complain about your situation. That does have a nice ring of happiness to it. I have been reading for a while but first time posting. Thank you for your great blog! I see that you added the classical music symphony orchestra as one the high paying industries.

I think you should add major sports league before you add classical music as one of these high paying jobs. But people do it for the love of it AND the money it brings at the very very top of the industry! I work in the industry and it is misleading to list it along with other jobs in your post. Yes, people who perform on stage look like a big group of people and they have union.

Depending on the instrument there are only about 0 to 5 position openings total 5 being maybe violin, 0 is maybe a tuba position per year from those top orchestras. Each year, there are thousands of graduates from top music schools and they compete for that position in auditions. I auditioned and failed so many times I lost count. Of course when the economy sinks, the number of auditions decline even more. In the classical music industry, teaching at school and orchestras are about the only jobs that pay living wage.

Also, students especially string instruments and piano almost never get into top music schools if one starts after 10 years old. I started practicing my instrument when I was 5. Of course not everyone value and want to support arts. Thank you so much for reading. I hear what you are saying completely. If one is the top of their field, they will likely earn six figures. I want to eradicate the limiting beliefs people have about making a six figure salary.

By removing the musicians, I am denying reality. College prof, photographers, athletes, actors, dancers, musicians, designers, personal trainers etc. Furthermore, symphony orchestras are non profit organization and cannot support itself without the donation from the public. We know this is a challenge.

Should market dictate how much symphony musicians get paid? I can say this with confidence, though. If someone is looking to make six figures, classical music industry is the last place to consider getting in unless you have already started practicing at age 5! You make good points. My overall point is for folks to stop pitying themselves and know that if they want to make more, they can make more in many different fields of choice.

We cannot discount the dedication of others who spend their lives to write well, sing well, invest well, and so forth. We go into professions with our eyes wide open. I do believe in market forces at the end of the day. We do what makes us happy in our free world. We can riot, picket, or choose to do something else. My grades were terrible in high school. I did better in college. I still graduated debt-free, and made very little money the first few years in business.

With positive mental attitude and a game plan in place, I was able become debt-free by 35, and my income is very good for my age. You got a good article here but a lot of points are way off in real world sense. Any monkey that can read and regurgitate information can graduate with a high gpa. The real truth behind success is thinking outside the box. Let your bank account be your resume. The world needs more entrepreneurs. What is your business? It seems hard enough anyway to get an interview being from another country with a totally different education and job market culture, not to mention we add our picture and a bunch of personal information on our CV versus the American resume.

Once I go for my Masters, I suppose I should pick an American school, so companies know what the degree stands for? And what about online studies? I work full time in supply chain management and have a second job on the side. In-class education is simply not an option. Also, what do you think about certificate programs? Penn State offers certificates next to their degree programs.

What do you think, Samurai? You put a lot of emphasis on educational institutions. Do you deem them so important because of the diplomas they provide or because of the skills they promise to teach you?

I agree with James, you have placed too much emphasis on education. Your article starts and ends great, but your own limits are revealed in the middle. As a service provider to several different types of business owners over the past 25 years, I think it is not the education but rather the execution of process and people that make the difference.

More times than not I have seen educations get in the way of continuing education than not. Truly the learning or connection making does not stop at school and to imagine that it only starts there is foolish. I really liked how you opened though, I have taught my kids all of those things with the emphasis on being nice, I have seen the most incompetent people at the highest levels of management because they were nice.

I used to think education was overrated, and personally swore off not going back to school after I finished my undergrad. Then the economy hit the skids form and I went back to get an MBA part-time. I know think education is underrated, not only for the things you learn, but for the connections you make and the confidence a good education gives everyone.

The biggest difference in helping kids who live in difficult environments is to get as much education as possible. Once you have knowledge, you can free yourself to do so many new things. One of those things is earning six figures as this article mentions.

But there are many other things. In your opinion what college degrees and respective careers are most likely to help me accomplish this financial goal? Would you agree with this, or do you have other thoughts and ideas on the subject?

BS on Engineering plus MBA from a top 15 school is going to give you a great chance at making six figures for the majority of your career. What fields do you think are most lucrative for sales people? I want to consider all my options at this point and maximize my earnings potential. My company treats me very well, nice office, great boss, flexible hours etc..

At the last small company I worked for there were three sales managers making k, but they were all in their 60s, 70s yep , or the son of the owner. I would like a faster track to higher pay. I think that education is extremely important, but in sales it is very much my impression that it is all about experience and results. Any advice you could offer on other more lucrative fields for sales would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the sound advice. I really do like how my company treats me, especially compared to the large corporations I used to work for. I have been in discussions with my wife to start a small side business for over a year. We are still preparing to launch lots of legal red tape , but it is probably time we took our efforts to another level. You are right about inexpensive housing in Chicagoland.

Salaries are comparable to other large wealthy metros, but housing and other expenses can be as much as half due to zero physical constraints on sprawl. The lakeshore is also where population density is highest and property most expensive in the 10 million person metro…yet still reasonably affordable for what you get.

By the way, your blog convinced me to more than max out all my retirement plans and then some. I envy your ability to live and work from beautiful Switzerland. I hope that I too can establish myself in such a way to split my time between Chicago and S.

America where my wife is from. Hi, I started reading your blog this year, and came across this article you posted in By K, do you mean just the base salary or does K include bonus as well? This may be a stupid question, but still decided to ask: I include all income, so that includes base. I was just searching around on the net and found this blog.

With commissions it would max out at 85k if you hit quota according to the ad. Tempted to apply but when I see what is at home although Im not at k yet not even close I am not going back to the cubicle farm.

Working for someone else will not get me to the k mark. This blog has given me more motivation! Pile on debt, slick your hair back, get your teeth whitened, palm press with other dead-behind-the-eyes extremists and hope someone hands you mega cash. Obtain a technical skill-set that employers demand, work on problems that matter, make a modest gain in base salary, and live a less stressful, balanced life.

Interesting and motivating article. I got my GPA back up to a 3. I now work at one of those said companies and will gross just north of 85k after base salary, relocation, and sign-on bonus also, could be closer to k depending on my performance bonus. I do have to comment though on your section where you mention pursuing an MBA for a higher salary. Also, to assume you can land a job with one of the fore-mentioned companies in your article, you must be a top performer.

Not just in grades, but in networking, social groups, and even down to kissing ass to your professors. Plus, you must assume you have a hand up against the students who are there solely based on nepotism. After reading your comment I feel I could gain some very valuable advice from you. It is a small company with little room to promote so I am interested in learning more about how to get into a major company like the one you work for.

Your advice sounds much more realistic, and I am more than willing to do what it takes to get there. I would greatly appreciate a response. This job is not for the faint of heart however. Is it better to stick it out and see if something changes or accept that I made a career mistake and try to get out asap?

Once you commit to something, give it at least 6 months. No matter how shitty it gets, stay for at least that long then re-assess. I understand exactly where you are coming from, I guess the money can drive you away from a social life, how ever being on the road may not be so bad, especially if you get to make it to your home every now and then.

Hello I just stumbled across your blog and I needed some advice, which is greatly appreciated. I graduated with a degree in accounting with a B average, got fired as a trainee after 4 months out. Decided to try my hand at med. Did a few courses did a little better. Finally got another accounting job 3 years after graduation, which i also got canned from. Then again tried to go back in to accounting cannot get a job.

I want to go into IT possibly cyber security; I am thinking fuck it maybe nursing; or maybe a diploma program as an electrical engineer technologist. Long story short I was a bit of a hot head in college and did not take shit from anyone. Great at making enemies not so could at making friends.

But with this linkedin environment I am afraid my reputation will deny my opportunity in the IT field. At the end of the day I want to provide for the people I care about. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hello I just stumbled across your blog. A bit of back ground.

I garudated with a degree in accounting in I got a job at a small firm, but got fired 3months in. I went back to school did a year of sciences and tried to come back to accounting. Tried to get back into it to get my CPA but could not find a job. I found many recruiters to be rude and condescending.

A bit more info on me I was a bit of a hot head in college and took shit from no one. I managed to make a lot of enemies very few friends. I am now almost I want to support my family but and I feel I need to go back and find a useful skill to do so.

Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you for hearing me out. This article has been so inspiring to me! But I have my standards… I wanna live at the beach in a nice house.

And I want to live comfortably. And I want to be able to take care of my family. And a little money would go a long way to helping that. So thank you for all of this wonderful advice! Hi there Financial Samurai! Do you think it could be a profitable field if done right or should I pursue something else if I would like to be in the six figure range? Art is one of the toughest things to do to make six figures. The first thing I would do is set up your website so you can own your brand and build your brand online.

There needs to be a combo of making great art and marketing your art. What kind of government persecution? What should one do if they make over k? What do you mean by going into hiding and creating an exit strategy?

How much passive income achieves happiness? Im 38 years old, and I had poor grades. School was tough I really had to work for it but I did ended up graduating from a local private college with bachelors in business with a 2. So how can, I Mr. Financial Samurai be able to reach that income level? Do you have any advice for someone that has a decent medium level income blue colar job that recently invested in a MBA?

I would love to work in finance but everything entry level is offering way below what I already make. How do I get my foot in the door?

Here is a related post on the MBA: Not that getting into policing will be too much difficulty, but being a high ranking officer, such as a chief, that pays very well might be a bit of a stretch later down the line. What would you recommend? This year i will make 70, thats before taxes and im extremely unsatisfied with it. Once im a Jman working for my current company i will make aprox 85 without OverTime.

My neighbor is a master electrician and has brought me upon many side jobs with him where i have really learned alot about the electrical trade. Much more then at my day job. He really likes me and i know he wants too start his own business and he wants me to work for him full time one day, however i dont know what he plans too do with me, will i be partner or just a worker? Even from the little bit he has taught me i have used to do my own side jobs and make 60 to 70 a hour, and i know he can teach me so much more.

Get a job as a foreman for one of the bigger companies. These guys make serious cash and never have to lift a tool, and have all the job security in the world, the problem is one of the higher ups has to like you and you have too work your ass off for him for years too make your way up.

Go back too school, probably the worst choice of all but i cant see myself being a laborer for ever, i hate working outside in the cold and after doing construction for 6 years now my body already feels achy compared too when i was younger.

Ive had many injuries from hard physical labor and it scares me that one day i might not be able to do my job, and support my future family. Im 20 and make close to k a year lol. If you would be kind enough to hook me up with tips and be sort of a mentor, reply and we can exchange contact info. Get an electrical engineering degree and be willing to work in crappy locales.

Petroleum engineering would probably work, too. Engineers have some of the best starting salaries out of college and many of my business partners have MBAs. I graduated with a masters in structural engineering and then 6 years later got qualified as a diver with an ADCI commercial dive card. I am a 15 year old sophomore attending a highly competitive high school in Silicon Valley and have gotten poor grades in the past, with a 3. I am working really hard and my grades have increased.

I also am good at computer science and have won a lot of national and international science fairs. I got close to a on the SAT. I had a very bad injury in ninth grade and I missed a lot of school I got a C in a class because of that! I am really worried about my future. Also, for the fastest k salary route, would you recommend studying in business like an economics or finance major or a computer science major or a mix of both?

This is possibly the dumbest comment I have ever read. You have a IQ, yet you clesrly cannot think for yourself. It used to be, but over the past 15 years, USC has grown to be a top 20 school. Lots of funding and famous alumni. I am a driven student and want to be as successful as them. Does this school and their presence help me complete my goal of making k a year out of school?

Most important are connections, work ethic, and commitment. First year analysts on Wall St. Figure out a way to join one of the bigger firms like JPM! I was wondering how long it would take me a 22 year old earning 90 grand a year, to retire early. I am happy with earning a , dollar salary in my later years.

Do you think I can do it by ? Can you suggest me a major that will guarantee me a high salary without having to spend too many years at collage I am considering Nuclear Physics , but it requires hours per week. Thanks and keep going with your good work! Way too much demand! Thank you so much! Can you suggest me a particular collage too? Also, does the software engineer job requires too much hours to be spent? The work itself varies depending on who you work for and what you are doing.

Often in early stage start-ups. Others you can get by with under 40 hours of work. One thing to note is that you will need to consider cost of living as well as salary.

California, you often get a six figure salary, but will pay often times more for rent. The market tends to be very healthy and a computer science degree gives you a nice edge over most applicants for IT positions experience of course trumps this, but entry-level IT positions really like math, engineering, computer science and statistics students.

If you are asking about working too many hours at your age, you are asking the wrong questions though. Finally, definitely run a spell check during your applications e.

The first time you wrote it, I assumed it was a typo. But the second time, maybe not? Communication skills is HUGE to getting ahead.

You got me there haha thanks. Anyway , thanks for the advice though. I am a highschool student with some questions. And lastly I am interested in being a Petroleum Engineer so any info you have on that field of work would be cool. Great article by the way! Your concept is interesting, but wrong. I wonder if Bill Gates is truly happy…? Other than that, fair information.

I joined the Army after high school. Got out of the Army. Went to college took wrong major. Dropped out of college after my daughter was born. Went to work in sales in telecom. They burnt me out in 2 years. The reason I tell you this is there is much, much more diversity in the world than just about the money. Your article is inspirational. Someone does not have to lose for someone to win. That is called gambling.

You bake a lot of cakes for a lot of weddings. Your customer wins because you baked an awesome cake for there wedding, you win because you got there money, and the bank wins because they got there money back with interest.

Also, the bakery bought flower for the cake so there supplier wins, the supplier bought it from the distribution center who wins, the distribution center bought from the manufacturer who wins, the manufacturer bought from the farmer who wins. Even the government who collected taxes on every step above won.

This point is nonsensical. The bank is able to loan money because their depositors loan them money at a lower rate than they charge the baker. The difference between the two rates is their profit.

This case depositors win with a safe place to store money, the bank people have jobs, and small businesses have loans. Hi i posted on here before but I have a quick question! Would you agree with my statement because I choose a cheaper instate school because I have belief in myself to do good not the school. Does this make sense or am I just setting myself up for failure? This is totally true as many people are non traditional learners and the academic system is just not appealing to them and learn faster by doing.

I come from an entire family of folks like this.. Net is, I make more than the average Harvard grad with a state college degree.

I love the article! You say it may take some time going into one of the big four, but I want to make sure it is still a very real possibility to break k within my first couple years out of college. I really liked this article. I found it full of good information.

I would like some advice from FS as I definitely fit into one of these categories. I have a B. I know I am capable of doing and earning more. I have a wife and daughter and work full time. I am constantly looking for ways to make more money. Do you have any advice for me? Should they transfer from a cal state to a UC? Or should they complete their bachelors in a cal state and then proceed to get their MBA in a higher ranked university? This is a question for me, obviously. Freshly out of high school.

A prestigious school will help get your foot in the door. But after several years, it all depends on your performance and who you know.

If you can transfer to a prestigious school for junior and senior year while saving money the first two years, I say go for it! I love your post. I have been following you over the years. Upon graduation, I set a goal to make six figures by However, I out worked everyone in my office and established a reputation as a hard work and smart worker. I stayed at the firm insurance for 4 years and somehow networked and found an opportunity in management consulting. My best advice for everyone is to work hard, follow the opportunities, strive for constant improvement, and be open to change.

Unfortunately, I was an underdog through out my career because of my school, but I balanced it by tremendous work ethic and self taught myself in business. Work hard, keep reading, and continue to improve. You will make six figures! Good job hustling Allen! My major is Risk Management and insurance. I hope to start making a least K right out of grad school.

Which career looks more promising when you factor in the cost of grad school? How much does grad school cost? Just wondering if I could get advise for my career path.

Please contact my by email. Im a senior in highschool, and cannot pick between medicine or business. Im leaning more towards medicine bc im not sure that business will guarantee wealth however medicine takes longer. I wanna be able to make k a year by age The lifestyle begins to change and you start spending more. That is a good point.

Another thing I wanted to add to the part about not being a donkey was debt. Even if they land a good paying job, that debt will bite you in the butt. The bucket is only so big, make sure yours can hold lots of water. Smaller companies usually allow for this and allow you to wear many hats if you jump in when your other duties are done. Meaning, if a job or opportunity has no more learning potential then get out and get a different orange to squeeze.

A great path to success is owning your own gig so start even a tiny business to experience these valuable lessons that come with the territory. Splurge on a budget. Value your time and make sure your plate is clear to focus on growth of your most valuable skills.

Time also gives you time for reflection, relaxation and a balanced life. Hire people to do redundant stuff. This stuff would take me hours a week. Same things in the work place. Reports, data collection, number crunching, answering non money making calls or emails etc….. Soak it up, read stuff online, never go into business with a partner without an operating agreement and separate yourself from losers in your personal and professional life.

Elementary points outside of actually making money that will get you there or hold you back…. Beside reading this post which is great for information.

I am also 31yo currently making around k living in an Eastern European country and trying to make more by finding new oportunities. Somehow i connected with your comment, i feel atracted to it. If you would like to continue comunicating in private just let me know. I am a recent graduate from college of business with an MIS degree. I am very fortunate to say that my starting salary is 70k.

I loved this article and the comment section. Just a quick note on the consulting firms you listed. Booz Allen is notorious for under-paying, especially when compared to much better firms. Little is a fine boutique firm, there are much better options to include in your list e. Additionally, your mis-represent the Big 4 by only calling them out in your IT Consulting list.

My point was that your list is a representative sample, and to me, a sample of higher-rated firms would be a better fit. I am only struggling with Booz Allen.

Booz Allen — the nature of Federal consulting is shifting away from true strategy management consulting and more operational consulting and IT consulting. Promotion raises are also nowhere near market rate. Additionally, levels below Senior Associate do not receive a performance bonus. Booz Allen — Salary: FYI, here is an annually updated article that is quite accurate for salaries across management consulting firms, for both post-undergrad and post-MBA hires.

I just found your blog and I want to thank you for providing such valuable information. My only regret is that I found your blog a little to late. I have to stay one more year at community college to complete the required transfer classes to be able to attend a university.

I can probably raise my gpa to a 3. So I plan to transfer to a Cal State and try to keep a 4. Then, my next step would be to apply to a top 15 business school.

So my questions are: Should I work a year or two before I go and get my mba. Is there time for hobbies when your an investment banker? All banks are sticklers for a decent GPA. But, good job going to CC then transferring. Why not transfer to a UC School? It is the common app. Build connections along the way. Intern for free if you must. And always stay humble. Anyone who has a degree in life can tell you that to earn more you have to spend more. You are chasing your tail no matter how much you make.

Unless you are a true capitalist who makes absurd amounts of money at the expense of their workers. Your article is very informative and i learn so much from there: Therefore i started working part time since young and save money for the rainy days.

Of course i also like to go for travelling and enjoy good food with my family once in awhile. It will be awesome if you could provide me with some good advise: May i know is there a better way to maximize my current reserves to k per annum as per your article?

But, do you have any views? Or should I give some schools in the States a try I here their financial aid is good as well? If you want to work in the states, then definitely apply to a top US business school. But, make sure you have relevant work experience first.

How do you feel about industrial design? Would you say that asset management is a lucrative field if one is working at a major bank like JP Morgan?

Im 39 yrs old, graduated from a average college in business management. I currently work for the state in the IT help desk making around 35k a year in Sacramento, Im not happy with this salary, but my job is stable and Ihave retirement benefits. But, I want to make more money now, I want to be making k plus, I dont know if I should quit this job and go to the private sector and what field I should go into or stay what in the same field but switch to private IT job.

I feel at this age, If I went back to business school to get an MBA might be a waste of time and money. Can you advise me? I have been a cop for 5 years and have two kids, a wife and mortgage. I like what I do but lately I have been thinking of a career switch to make more money.

I majored in criminal justice in collage. What would you suggest? Consider taking night classes part time and seeing if you like the subjects before diving head first. I started a career in sales right out of High School and found my glass ceiling. I am trying to determine if I am selling myself short, or if this is a good place to get started.

I ultimately want to work mutual funds. However, promotions and hierarchy in the company seems to be very flat. No other company will pay this much for someone with 0 experience in the industry. I absolutely love my job, but any suggestion to have a backup plan in case the worst thing happens?

Was thinking about learning extra software or data science stuff, but you just mentioned that I would likely need desire, a focused desire if anything. The main problem I have with the k is that the investment options suck. All the mutual funds including target date funds have a high front load fee 4.

In some respects there is little difference between the after-tax dollars in a ROTH with no-load funds and pre-tax dollars in a fund that immediately siphon 4. However, I am also going to be taking an upfront hit from the front load fees and a continual hit with the higher expense ratio in the k. Go with a Roth IRA then since you are at the beginning of your career and will presumably earn more in the future. But do check out: After I do full Roth and at get at least the match where should I save?

Having no debt and feeling behind makes it silly not to save as much as possible. Should I go for a regular after tax brokerage or for the k despite those high fees? I would look into Wealthfront and automatically contribute a set amount every month from your paycheck after tax. Sign up and play around with the risk tolerance meter to see what different type of portfolios they come up with.

They do tax loss harvesting and automatically rebalance for you based on your risk tolerance. Love the blog man, great advice here. I always wanted to be big in life and my passion is animals.

I want to work in the field of zoology like maybe marine biology wil I be able to make k in that work field. So I was wondering if I could get your advice? Makes no sense, how are you going to get into a top business school with really bad grades? GPA in the 2s. May I ask who you got a GPA in the 2s? Why not give yourself as much optionality as possible with good grades?

If you effed up your GPA, then just do well on your GMAT scores, write a good essay, do something creative like start a site and wow them with your determination. My thoughts on your financial success are this…. So essentially, anyone reading this and clicking links is generating revenue for you. Fortune comes to those who take action. You are either a producer or a consumer. Nothing good comes to those who do nothing! You too, can start your own site and make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year relatively passively if you want.

Have you seen the post: Leverage the internet to build your brand. Why do you too? Hello Samurai, I have a few questions for you. I am 29, have a BBA, got good grades in college, work in sales and am still broke! My conversion rates are good, but most of my jobs have been contracts with commission caps. I am considering returning to school for a pharmaceutical sales certificate. I am desperate to improve my life and am willing to make the commitment. Do you think this is a good idea?

I heard it is a difficult industry to break into. Also, I started writing an ebook, do you have any articles for publishing and marketing?

The key is to cut fat and automate your savings and contributions. Do this for 10 years and you WILL have more money than you could ever realistically imagine. Try your best to max out your k as well, if you have one. Make saving money each paycheck HURT!

Not sure about your certificate. If you have to remove years of work to take on debt while you are broke, then not a good idea. I would absolutely start your own website and build your brand online first if you plan to write and sell an e-book. Leveraging the internet is always a good idea! I am writing you this comment in great desperation as I need your advice in something. Obviously, my GPA is not sufficient to get enrolled. However, I am planning to work hard in studying for my CIA program certified internal auditor.

If i complete it and acquire a high score in the CIA examination will I have a chance at Delloitte perhaps?

Thank you for your kind attention…. What were the reasons for a 2. I will be frank with you and say that many of those companies have minimum GPA cutoffs e.

Why not go back to grad school and kill it? You should consider starting a website to improve your brand.

Hello, This is such a great blog gathered a lot of inspiration from it. I am extremely ambitious, driven and motivated. However I keep looking but cannot find anything that would give me that much. I now have certificates and experience and keep applying to different jobs but no luck still. Dude I have been contributing to your page views. On a serious note, I set up my own website detailing my craft in sourcing attempting to build my brand.

I did some cold calling to get my website out there. Na da and a couple of good friends made a joke about what I did. I ended up not renewing the godaddy hosting.

I guess my area of expertise is just too boring. Seems like you have lots of experience. How do you turn soemthing so mundane into something amazing? Spend some time reading my archives and see if you can find some good attributes. Check out the post. Graduated college back in May of Been 8 months since I figured out how to get a job. Anyway, I am trying to get into IT, because every other profession within banking requires me to take a test and get licensed and renew that license with more tests.

Anyway, how do I go from fraud to IT? Business Analyst, higher up IT profession? I was in health sciences. Btw, can I get into investment banking without having a license?

I career-changed into IT in my mid-twenties. Certifications get you noticed and do pay off. Take in-person boot camps. You get hands-on experience with the software and hardware. You can do this. Thanks for the really insightful reply. I really appreciate it.

Now, what if I did not want to be a network engineer dealing with hardware? The bigger issue is getting the experience TO get these roles…I dont know how to do that without working on the job first…but since companies wont take people without experience, how are we to get the positions? If you want to be in IT, but not coding or configuring routers, etc. Big IT companies, and small ones, need both types of people. The functional role people need to understand IT, but if they could code at the level of the technical role people, they would be doing that instead.

You have the right idea — business analyst or QA. Go to college job fairs, even though you have already graduated and talk to the recruiters. Show the recruiters you have an analytical mind; dress sharp; have good examples of learning something new, recently. But they are useful. They would be a great talking point for an interview. Maybe you took a Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing course free , or learned how to use Salesforce free on their trailhead training site.

However, there is no getting around the fact that you have to learn constantly in IT. Show them you are doing that now. Also what is your take your data analytical roles in corporate? Do you think data analytical roles will be short-lived due to all the hype and the analysis part will be automated soon within the next 10 years or so?

Idk if this kind of role will be short-lived compared to a functional IT role. Moreover, I eventually want to hold a managerial role in corporate, but I want to deal with a line of business where there is a lot of money within IT. Projects that deal with SAP? I also like dealing with robotics, bionics, military technology, car companies Tesla, BMW? Seen that batman-looking motorbike by BMW recently? How hard is this to get into? I like film-making as well, but I would do this as a hobby.

Neither my parents nor I or anyone else had high money. We had enough to get by month to month. After school education was out of the question just based on cost alone. I had few choices but to join Uncle Sam and his merry band of sailors, painting and scrubbing decks around the world. I served my country until I decided to leave the navy-He guess what happened, no jobs for a former sailor with considerable weapons system experience. I spent three years homeless and destitute and hanging onto faded views of honor and discipline.

What a joke of a program-Fraud and red tape to make you blush. Get real, I invite you to find a way to save my failing mortgage and invigorate my financial future. If any of this get rich quick stuff actually worked we would all be millionaires. Hi… My bf has a similar story to you.

I hope you sold the house before losing it. Use the GI bill! Those salaries are so inflated. I also agree, money makes money and its who you know a lot of times. The GI Bill works exactly as it is intended. There is always a month delay to get started. You can apply as soon as you get accepted in most cases which for me was several months before I got out of the service. The program is not a fraud because of the red tape. Could it be better? There are jobs out there for veterans and sometimes yes your training in the military does not give many, if any, civilian options.

One last thing, most of the online recipes for base-chocolate wines were ripped from my site or adapted from my recipes. There is a huge difference between a half cup and 4 ounces by weight. In response to many emails and personal inquiries, I must explain that these long interludes between blog entries means life is consuming my time, not that I am experiencing any heavy depression or health problems.

Filing my taxes and then filing an amended form was nerve-wracking enough. Other complexities, mini-emergencies, technical difficulties, personal demands, and writing projects ate up my time. I regret it, but life happens. I hope to get back on schedule soon. Several upcoming travels will make that difficult. I hope you all have a relaxing yet fulfilling 4th of July. As you celebrate this holiday, it is worth remembering that of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence on that date in five were captured, tortured and executed by the British, nine died of wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War, two lost sons serving in the Continental Army, 12 had their homes, properties and businesses burned by the British, and two were wealthy when they signed but died in utter poverty as a result of the war.

That is the price they paid when they pledged upon that piece of parchment their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. We should all remember the cost of our freedom but few do. I hope you take a moment to reflect upon it. The WineBlog and website have now been rendered for mobile devices. In time, I hope to do far more in optimizing the pages for the huge variety of platforms out there. Naturally, the larger the screen the better.

There are many downsides to this rendering. I will work on reducing that in the future. This is all new to me, so please be patient. My God, what a timeless masterpiece. You only have to listen to it—preferably through headphones in a dark room, where the music and lyrics can carry you wherever. Much was often good, some very good, a few were great, and then there were a very few magical gemstones.

Year of the Cat was, and still is, a timeless jewel. The tale of this song has been told and retold so many times it is with hesitancy that I dare to tell it again, but some may never have heard it. Stewart wrote the music to very different lyrics as a song entitled "The Foot of the Stage.

The audience laughed at the man, thinking it was a new routine but totally in character of the man known for his self-deprecating humor. But to his dismay Stewart realized the man was serious and on the verge of a total breakdown. Stewart wrote the song after Hancock killed himself with a drug overdose in At one small town the man left the tour to visit the bazaar and do some shopping, soak up the local ambiance or whatever, intending to rejoin the tour at the bus.

Instead, he saw a woman, a local, walk out into the sun in the stunning dress of flowing silk and he became enraptured. So he decided to make the most of it and stayed with the woman for some time. We are not told when or how he left. References in the song to the film Casablanca suggest he was in French Morocco. The title and tag line suggest it was in , the year of the cat in Vietnamese astrology, but it could have been 12 years earlier.

This fits , as he recorded the song in early Stewart, a Scottish songwriter and performer, was well known by then for his construction of clever lines that captured the imagination and allowed the listener to weave or paint the story in a personal way. His talent for doing so peaked when he put new lyrics to his "The Foot of the Stage" melody in Year of the Cat.

It charted worldwide, especially in China where the audience had no idea what the words meant or the story it told but loved the music and the sounds in the lyrics. The link is to the studio version, but there are live performances on YouTube that are instrumentally better but the lyrics are not as crisp.

The lyrics are below the viewer so you can read along if unfamiliar with the song. But even if you are familiar, it is fun to read the image-inspiring phrases and turns on words. When I recently received a request for a recipe to make wine from unspecified grapes, I did the best I could with what little information I had. Despite inquiries, the gentleman could not tell me what kind they are. It makes a difference, as it could take between 12 to 18 pounds of grapes per gallon of wine.

Only after I gave it my best shot did he mention they were cultivated grapes, but could not or did not identify them. What follows is my reply, edited somewhat for a larger audience. First, some remarks on what is desired when you request a recipe. We are planning on picking them in September from a local grower and going from there. I would like to try and do around 30 gallons. If one wants a good, reliable answer, then one needs to supply good, reliable information.

Are they wild grapes or cultivars, red grapes or white, wine grapes or table grapes? Taking the time to contact the grower and identify the cultivar would help a lot. There are an estimated 60, cultivated grapes. No one recipe fits all.

Since no further information came back to me, I selected 15 pounds per gallon as a working number, realizing this could be too many or too few. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of specificity when requesting assistence.

I keep my yeast in a container in a spare refrigerator used for chill-proofing carboys of wine, so it only has a top shelf with about 8 inches of clearance, a bottom shelf to keep the carboys off the original plastic shelf, the meat and vegetable bins I rarely use, and a freezer section stuffed with ZipLoc bags of grapes and other goodies.

Two months ago I was "taking inventory" by thumbing through the long plastic container I keep my wine yeast inI keep between sachets packets of yeast on hand all the time you never know what you might need.

My inventory sheet long ago became unusable due to too many notations, erasures and additions, so I just thumb through them every now and then. It was then I noticed a packet that had slid down under the other packets. I have never just thrown out a yeast without giving it a chance, so I brought it to my kitchen refrigerator and stood it upright against a tub of butter. Every time I opened the refrigerator I saw it and that and chance finally motivated me to try it.

I was in my local supermarket and saw a bin of yellow honeydew melons at a good price. I tested them by pressing the flower end and found several that signaled they were close to full ripeness. I bought 4 and set them on the kitchen counter. After 4 days I let the yeast come to room temperature and made a yeast starter using orange juice, sugar and yeast nutrients.

I sprinkled the yeast in the starter, whisked it a bit with a fork and covered it with a coffee filter held in place with a rubber band. I fed it every 8 hours for three days. At that time I began a second starter using Lalvin QA I kept both starters going and the next day began chilling them and the melons in my second refrigerator, reset to 55 degrees F. I also chilled the melons. The next day I cut and chopped the yellow honeydews, stuffed them in a sanitized knee-high nylon stocking and pressed them in my basket press.

I adjusted acidity, sugar, added nutrients and a dash of powdered tannin, and now had to choose the yeast. Just treat it with respect and give it time. In melon wines, that is critical. I used the steps elucidated in the current June-July issue of WineMaker magazine, pp. Not a subscriber to WineMaker yet? You can correct that by subscribing here. You can also order back issues. TidBitts itself is shutting down on March 31st.

Let me explain it here. TidBitts is a platform that allowed people like me to make periodic or, in my case, twice-weekly posts of exclusive content not published elsewhere. The venture was based on obtaining a certain number of subscribers to pay for all the people working behind the scenes that did PR, creator and subscriber support, IT technicians, etc.

After several months of operation September through February , the number of subscribers required to make payroll and access fees did not materialize.

Thus, they had to fold. My own experience was a slow start and then a rising momentum of subscriptions until TidBitts made a promotional change and new subscriptions slowed and almost stopped. I believe they made a crucial mistake when they changed from "the first month free" to "a day free trial. With "the first month free," you had to subscribe to gain access to the content. At the end of the first month you could actually cancel and pay nothing, but if you did nothing you would be charged the subscription fee each month until you chose to cancel.

On the other hand, at the end of the "day free trial" you had to then subscribe, but there was no mechanism in place to prevent you from simply signing up for another day free trial. There was no incentive to require you to subscribe. In the "first month free" model one was already a subscriber. New subscriptions almost stopped under the "day free trial" model.

I suspect all TidBitts authors experienced the same loss of subscription momentum. Whatever the reason, TidBitts simply did not obtain enough subscriptions to render their publishing platform viable. I had much more to publish and am sorry that opportunity will soon be gone. I thank all of you who did support Winemaking With Jack Keller. I owe you a debt of gratitude. Drop me a line at WinemakingWithJackKeller at outlook. One of 5 bottles of sealed wine salvaged from the Civil War blockade runner Mary-Celestia, which sank off Bermuda in , was uncorked and tasted in Charleston, South Carolina on Friday, March 6, The wine was grey and undrinkable.

The wine experts present said it actually smelled and tasted like crab water, gasoline, salt water, vinegar, with hints of citrus and alcohol. With no label to identify it, it is most likely the wine was heavily fortified or was in fact a brandy. Some wines salvaged from shipwrecks actually taste great, having aged slowly in the cold depths and covering of the seabed.

In this case, however, sea water obviously invade the wine through its cork closure. A sample smelled like camphor, stagnant water, hydrocarbons, turpentine and sulphur, wine chemist Pierre Louis Teissedre of the University of Bordeaux said after analysing samples. Yesterday I bought 4 avocados. This morning I struggled to even cut one in half and then had to pry the two halves apart. Try as I did, I could not pry the seed from the half containing it. I went to the internet to see what might be done and read several blog entries and threads on using microwaves to soften the flesh.

Some reported failure while others reported success. I decided to give it a try. First, a little background. I eat an avocado a day as a healthy snack. One of my local supermarkets began importing avocados from Mexico that were consistently badlarge portions of flesh that were brown and showed signs of larva infestation.

Those that were sound tasted bland to badnothing like an avocado should taste. I complained repeatedly to no avail. So, I took my business to the other big supermarket in my town. The first avocado I cut open from the other supermarket was terribly under-ripe.

I decided to try using the microwave oven to soften it up. Thirty seconds on high caused some give, but not enough. An additional 30 seconds created some more softness and freed the large seed, but the center of the flesh was still very hard, so back to the microwave it went for a third 30 seconds. When removed, the halves were too hot to handle. You could say they was cooked. With the use of w kitchen mitten and spoon the flesh was removed from the skin, but it was still pretty hard and the bright green of an unripe avocado.

I considered what I might do. I took the idea of a blog entry I had read and placed the two halves in a bowl large enough for my potato masher to lay flat against the bottom. It was difficult to mash but yielded to determination until it was chunky but spreadable. The avocado was turning greenish brown but that could have been because of the blending. I tasted it and decided it needed a bit of sweetness, so I added about two teaspoons of mint jelly and blended it in with a fork.

While two halves of an English muffin were toasting I cut two thick slices of tomato and microwaved them 30 seconds. The avocado mix was liberally applied to the muffin halves, topped with warm tomato slices and served open-face. I had enough to smother two more English muffin halves topped with warm tomato halves.

It was a wonderful breakfast! After all the marmalade, wine and frozen juice I made with the Meyer Lemons I was gifted see Feb 23, entry , I still had 12 Meyer lemons spread on newspaper on the living room floor. I also had 3 pounds of orange blossom honey. The solution was obvious. Because Meyer lemons ares sweeter than regular lemons, I decided to go all in. Here is what I did. Number of Meyer lemons used depends on their size and the juice produced.

More pectic enzyme may be be needed if mead does not clear. If unable to separate inner membrane from peel, use sharp paring knife to cut outer peel off in strips and place in jelly bag, tied closed.

Add finely crushed Campden tablet not listed at first and third racking and before bottling, if needed. Stabilize with potassium sorbate not listed months before sweetening.

Make a yeast starter solution. Put 1 quart of water on to boil and stir in honey until dissolved. When water boils, remove from heat and skin off any scum. Cut lemons in half and juice them, reserving juice and discard any seeds pulp removed during juicing can be used in a number of waysjust think about it.

Turn lemon halved inside out and with a sharp paring knife start separating membrane from peel, then just pull the membrane off and put with saved pulp. Cut peeling halves into quarters and place in primary or, optionally, put in jelly bag, tie closed and toss in primary.

Add all remaining ingredients except yeast to primary and pour in honey water and then enough water to make 1 gallon. When water cools to room temperature record specific gravity sg , add yeast starter solution, cover, and set aside.

When vigorous fermentation subsides remove lemon peels and discard, transfer mead to secondary and affix airlock. Rack after 45 days and measure sg regularly weekly. When at or below sg 1. If not at or below sg 1. Mead takes longer to ferment than wine so be patient.

If mead does not clear when at or below sg 1. If mead is not bone dry sg 0. Even slightly hazy honey will spoil the polished clarity of a mead, although this can be corrected with bulk aging recommended or filtration.

I have never used this much lemon in any wine or mead, but these are Meyer lemons and they are not nearly as tart as regular lemons. The recipe dilutes this tartness by one-fourth, but I suspect it will still require some sweetening to balance. I am still making this mead myself. I guess I need to start using a calculator.

Without a little pain and suffering, what would be the point of it all? I choose to do it this way so this is a bed I have chosen to lay in. Any sample of HTML markup could demonstrate how it is done. So why mention this at all? It also includes the extra time and attention it takes to markup the text so your computer can display it the way I intended.

The extra time is probably not all that long—maybe minutes max—when all goes well. All too often what I intend and what displays are two entirely different things. Then I go into troubleshooting mode and try to locate the problem. A typical difficulty is when a comma is inserted in the markup where a period goes. Turns out that when I typed in the variables that related to the current content, I inadvertently entered a capital "o" O instead of a "zero" 0.

Every time I checked my variables the O looked like a 0. I only discovered the problem when I retyped the variables one letter or digit at a time, running the snippet after each singular entry. My vision is deteriorating quicker than I ever anticipated. I require periodic injections in my left eye just to slow down the inevitable. Very often I see slightly double. My right eye is registering the image in the right place but my left eye is shifting the image to the right just a tad.

Just enough to frequently hit the key to the right of the one intended. When that happens repeatedly, I compensate by typing the key to the right of what is intended. The result is I usually hit the correct key but sometimes actually hit the one to the right. I write less and less because of it. My TidBitts were just the right length to get in and get out without fatiguing my eyes to the point where I started seeing double. Every now and then someone contacts me to say my page is screwed up in some way.

Last night I was told my recipe ingredients were all run together on both Firefox and Opera. I then spent well over 3 hours trying work-arounds to make them appear as I intended on those two browsers. There are standards for HTML and CSS, the two major components that tell a browser how to interpret and display the coding sent to them.

I am not up-to-date on the latest standards but have slowly attempted to incorporate new elements as I can. Just so you understand what is involved, It would take the better part of an entire day and evening to bring any one of my archived files to where this page is and it is not where it should be as they would have to be completely recoded.

Essentially, I write for the Chrome browser. I long ago gave up on Internet Explorer , which often seems slower than me in adapting to new standards. For a while, I looked at my entries in five different browsers and most of what I posted consistently displayed okay in four of them. Then I got real busy and stopped checking the various browsers. The result is the message I received yesterday. If you think this blog is not displaying correctly on your laptop or PC, please let me know.

It will get there one day, but not tomorrow. In the meantime, please let me know of obvious display problems you have on your PC or laptop. Sometimes a gift can be overwhelming. A friend said her friend had a Meyer lemon tree and they had used all they wanted, given others all they wanted, and still had more on the tree.

If I wanted them she would pick me up. I said sure and asked what size bag I should bring. She said to empty my laundry basket. It holds at least a bushel and we filled that sucker to over-flowing and still there were lemons left on the tree. It is thought to be a cross, probably natural, between a true lemon and either a Mandarin orange or true orange, all of which are native to China. A typical Meyer lemon is large, about the size of a normal navel orange, but some are much larger.

They have a thin peel which is easy to remove by hand. They are much sweeter than true lemons and the sections can be eaten raw as a fruit, Their taste is much better than true lemons and certainly better my opinion than sour oranges. Previously, I was familiar with very thick-skinned Meyer lemons in California but learned that the thick peel is a result of nitrogen or potassium deficiency and seasonal applications of the right fertilizer will eliminate the thick peel. They are not two variants of the Meyer lemon.

The thin peels make excellent marmalade. I use the attachment to my food processor for juicing citrus and it does a magnificent job of removing most of the pulp as well, which is caught in a strainer.

I have made three half-gallon batches of Meyer lemon marmalade, a 5-gallon batch of Meyer lemon wine, a Meyer lemon pie, stored three quart bags of Meyer lemon peel for future marmalade in the freezer, six quarts of frozen juice, and still I have a 5-gallon pail of Meyer lemons.

Most of you know that now and then I share with you what I consider to be special moments in musical performance or stylistic development. I do this because music touches my heart so very dearly that I just want to share it and explain why a performance is special to me.

There are talent auditions that are timeless. Susan Boyle and Jackie Evancho are two that jump immediately to mind, but the list is much longer and yet it is also short—less than a dozen have enriched my soul to the point of bringing tears.

A petite Amira Willighagen stood calmly on the stage and began to sing. Few singers rise to such prominence that they are immediately recognized by fans by their first name alone—Elvis, Cher, Reba, Beyonce, and Madonna are some—but after this single performance Amira meant only one person to millions. Please do yourself a favor and watch the video to see why. Incredibly, she did this without having a single singing lesson—she heard the song, learned it and found the notes on her own.

This performance was so astoundingly good that she was awarded a "Golden Ticket" straight to the finals, without having to win weekly competitions to get there. This darling girl with the big smile, the friendly wave and a voice that is rare beyond belief went on to win the competition.

For those who do not know Dutch, here are a some links to other performances for English speakers: To be up-front, a ounce jar of "Bread and Lettuce Sepo Sauce" was sent to me by the manufacturer to try.

When I finally opened and used it, I kicked myself for waiting so long. This stuff is amazing to me, at least—your mileage may vary. Called "Bread and Lettuce Sepo Sauce," the name hardly says it all. My first use of this was on a fluffy salad of hearts of romaine, baby spinach, arugala, and red lettuce, with thin slices of portabella, Roma tomato, English cucumber, and cashew nuts, plus a dusting of ground flax seed. To be honest, I dribbled the sauce sparingly over the salad, unsure of what it would taste like.

Lightly tossed, I took a bite and began chewing. Wonderful things began happening in my mouth. I quickly added more to the salad and tossed again.

Just what the doctor ordered! Besides the Dijon mustard, the flavors of garlic, basalmic, onion, and a slight hint of something peppery melded together perfectly into a creamy masterpiece. This is a mayonnaise-based spicy blend, smooth and easy to fold into salads of all kinds—spicy and savory but not piquant, not hot.

After several salads, I finally decided to try it on the other part of its name—bread. I visited a local barbecue place and bought some of their black bread. I love to toast it, smear it with Dijon mustard, place ham and cheese on it, pop it in the microwave for about 45 seconds, and eat it hot.

The Sepo Sauce was as detectable as the black bread, ham and cheese, but the balance was perfect. Since then I have tried it on a variety of sandwiches without a single regret. I once stayed in an English inn near Wales and for breakfast was served two broiled tomato halves with an unknown salty cheese melted on top, poached egg, ham, and fresh-baked rolls with butter and strawberry jam.

I occasionally attempt to repeat this breakfast and it has evolved with my own tweaks. I sprinkle a Creole spice mix on firm tomato halves, broil them until the edges begin to blacken, take them out and top with pre-cut cheese rounds, return these to the broiler until the cheese browns and blisters, and serve with chewy thick-cut bacon, eggs over-medium and fresh baked biscuits, butter and marmalade.

Yesterday morning I made this without the Creole spice mix and smeared Sepo Sauce over the cheese-topped tomatoes. It was divine, adding just the right savoriness to the tomatoes. See the links below for the website. Earlier I mentioned I was givena huge number of Meyer lemons.

I made 5 gallons of Meyer lemon wine, a Meyer lemon pie, and 3 batches of Meyer lemon marmalade. I also have several gallons of Meyer lemon juice and several quarts of Meyer lemon peels in the freezer for future projects. My lemons came with a recipe and an 8-ounce jar of Meyer lemon marmalade so I could sample it before I made it.

The recipe is flexible, allowing you to add more or less sugar to make a sweeter or more sour marmalade. Here are the ingredients:. Scrub lemons well with brush, cut in half crosswise and juice them a food processor juicing attachment is a Godsend for this. Strain all pulp and seed from juice and save both in separate bowls. Remove any pith from lemon shells a thick central column of pith is in each lemon and place with pulp and seeds. Cut half-shells in half and stack in pairs.

Use sharp knife to cut peels crosswise in thin slices an electric meat slicer will save you an hour of time, but be very careful. Tie pulp and seeds in jelly bag and drop in pot. Bring to boil and hold boil about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Remove from heat and use tongs to remove jelly bag. Place jelly bag in bowl and float in sink of cold water.

When jelly bag is cool enough to handle with rubber gloves about 15 minutes , remove bowl from sink and squeeze jelly bag to extract all liquid you can. When boiling, add sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved about minutes. Continue stirring to prevent anything from sticking to bottom of pot. At same time place a teapot with cups water on to boil. When water boils, pour over lids and lid rings in bowl fo sterilize them. Do NOT boil lids or the rubber seal will become too soft, but rather pour boiling water over cool lids in cool bowl.

Back to the marmalade, hold boil, place candy thermometer in pot and increase heat slightly, stirring often. Remove from heat and begin filling sterilized mason jars using canning funnel and ladle. Remove from oven and place on cooling racks. Go clean up all the pots, bowls, utensils, cutting boards, countertops, etc. Store reserved juice in ZipLoc freezer bag for another use, sit down and enjoy a glass of wine. After an hour or two all lids should have popped in and sealed. Tighten rings a little more.

You can add labels now or later and store in pantry when completely cool. This is a thick but spreadable marmalade. As I said, I made three batches. Each was different—to one I added shredded carrot and zucchini and the other sliced apricot and pineapple. Yesterday morning I ran into a local home winemaker I had not see in years.

Then he asked why I stopped my blog. I finally had a local geek wipe everything off the hard drive, reformat it and install a clean copy of Windows 7 on it. After that I spent several weeks reinstalling my old programs had to call many companies to obtain reactivation codes and reinstall my old data thank God for Carbonite, who sent me all my backed-up directories and files on an external hard drive.

In between these actions I flew to Oregon to spend a week-plus with my mother and sister and her husband. I wrote many TidBitts and the Wineblog just got lost in all of this. Chris Kyle was an American hero, the most lethal sniper in American History. However you felt about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, if you know someone who served in them and came home alive, there is a chance you might have Chris Kyle to thank for that.

Considering the numbers who served, it is a small chance indeed but a real one nonetheless. He delivered his "final draft" on February 1st, This event required a rewrite of the script. The rewrite required compressing and compiling some events to allow time for a very different ending.

As for the exactitude of events, Taya Kyle diemisses them as necessary. And American Sniper is the story of a real-life patriot, not the kind of character Rolling Stone champions.

There is a reason this movie was nominated for six Academy Awards. If you are at all objective, see the film and judge for yourself. It is one of those rare movies that, when it ends, the theater is silent and no one gets up to leave. Masterfully directed, filmed, set, and acted.

See it and let me know what you think. I received an email asking about acids, acid blend additions and the acids in common fruit. I quote the email:. I understand sugars but want to understand acids better.

I would particularly like to see a chart with a side by side comparison from apples to oranges that lists each fruits TA, tartaric, malic, citric, etc. I think this would help me a lot to understand adding acids to recipes and other things like selecting yeast strains for their propensity to lower malic acid during primary fermentation. The question is a good one.

But click below and you can read it by accepting a free, day trial. You can read it free. This was explained in the 3-part TidBitts stream on acid correction that ran from January 3rd to the 15th. But keep in mind that acid concentrations in fruit and berries varies considerably, as is evident in the January 19th entry referenced above. The only way to "get it right" is to measure the acidiyu of every batch before pitching the yeast.

This is impractical for most of you, but if you use the amount in a given recipe you should land within the window of acceptability. If the acidity is low in the finished wine it will taste flat and lifeless but can be corrected by adding acid blend.

If the acidity is too high the wine can be brought into balance with the acid or the acid can be buffered to bring it into balance with the wine.

Most home winemakers never test for TA or pH. Last year I had a poor harvest of Blanc du Bois grapes. I had lost two vines the previous year and last year another refused to awaken from its winter dormancy. A late freeze killed the flowers but new flowers, although fewer than the first ones the freeze claimed, survived to bear some fruit. I harvested them before they were fully ripe. It was either do that or watch the bids eat them.

I knew I had pitifully few, not nearly enough for a gallon. Not willing to waste it, I went to the supermarket to see what I might find to round out a gallon. What I found were Clementines. The Clementine is a variety of tangerine Citrus reticulate and a close cousin of the orange Citrus sinensis. They are more acidic than most tangerines and can be made into an excellent wine.

Usually they are sold in bags or boxes weighing 5 pounds, but these boxes held 8 pounds. Blanc du Bois just happened to be the white grapes I had. Crush and press grapes. Peel and press Clementines. Combine juices in primary and add sugar. Add remaining ingredients except yeast, which should be sprinkled in a yeast starter solution. Stir well, cover primary and put in a cold place for hours. Allow to return to room temperature and add activated yeast starter solution.

Stir must daily until vigorous fermentation begins to diminish, then transfer to a sanitized secondary. Attach airlock and set aside 30 days. Rack, top up and reattach airlock. Wait 45 days or until wine has fallen clear, then rack into a fresh secondary into which another finely crushed Campden tablet is waiting. Allow another 30 days and bottle. Age months before drinking. Since there was a glass of wine remaining in the secondary after bottling there always is , I drank it I always do.

It was quite good. The BV7 yeast is noted for high glycerine production which should enhance mouth feel and excellent fruit expression when fermented below 72 degrees F. I think this is a better choice.

There clearly was a need for this format and I have long wanted to post the many insights that come to me but are too short for this blog. My last stream entry tidbit was both educational for me and my readers. It was a good one for me as I learned a great more about Amarone a splendid wine than I thought I might. And reader feedback suggests I cleared up a few things about malolactic fermentation for them, too, which of course is what all writers strive for.

TidBitts reference page was taken down March Prior to that there was a visual pointer to it here. There is more to say about malolactic fermentation than I penned, which I know will fit fine in a future entry.

Remember, you can try them free for a month without obligation. They are ad-free as well and can be delivered tpany connected device wired or wi-fi you own or borrow. I suppose we all do that. I think there is a profound difference between the music I grew up with and the music the kids and young adults of today are growing up with—especially to those who gravitate to rap.

If this insults your musical taste then just skip the rest and go to the next subject. This difference was highlighted recently when I left the home of a young winemaker who was playing rap music in the background. The lyrics I could understand were obscene by any standard—degrading to women and disrespectful, even hostile, to authority and especially police. I could not wait to escape the monotony of sound in that apartment.

In my car, I switched from a talk station to one I knew played my kind of music. The music itself is both complexually sophisticated and beautiful in word and delivery. While the lyrics are free verse, they are outreaching, supportive and loving. This song is everything that rap music is not. Listen to it and tell me I am wrong. Sitting not more than feet away, I was totally captivated by their perfect harmony and delivery. It was, fortuitously, the first time I ever heard the song as they had just finished recording the album and my companion and I were both blown away by the accompanying orchestration.

Might publish the recipe, but maybe not. Some things are worth keeping secret Right now, I just want to tell you about the trials of making this port. In June my wife and I attended the th anniversary celebration of the Pierce Arrow automobile in Buffalo, New York, where the cars were hand-built.

When the 4-day event ended we stayed on and toured up-state New York. We stopped at numerous roadside fruit stands and bought baskets of ripe Bing cherries, whose seeds we spit all over the landscape from buffalo southwestward and on to Pennsylvania.

At one stand a sign announced black raspberries. We saw none and inquired. The young lady said they had sold out but called her father to ask if there were more that could be brought to the stand. He said no and I asked to speak with him. I asked if he ever sold just the juice and he said yes, but the harvest season for black raspberries was rather brief and he would not have enough to make a gallon of juice until next year.

I wrote down his name and number and we departed. Black raspberry juice is not cheap and it was several years before I called, well before his announced harvest season, and ordered a quart of juice, which he shipped to me.

I added to it a little blackberry and blueberry juice and diluted with water to make a gallon of wine. A few years later I ordered a half-gallon and this made a much better tasting gallon of wine.

In I ordered two gallons of the juice and it evidently was not packed well. FedEx notified me it was destroyed in shipment, meaning at least one of the gallon jugs broke and FedEx tossed it to prevent it from doing more harm to other parcels than it had already done. I filled out an insurance claim and eventually was reimbursed, but the harvest season was over by then. In I placed an identical order and requested that he double-box it and wrap the jugs in bubble wrap. If you want the recipe, get on board with my TidBitts see link above.

In the meantime, you have until June to line up a supplier of black raspberry juice. Oh, and you have the same amount of time to order some Dutched cocoa powder. The last book I reviewed here was The Food Substitution Bible , now an indispensible companion in my kitchen.

It, too, is now a permanent resident of my kitchen. Read on and discover why. This page paperback edition book is a reference and cookbook wrapped into one and it is stellar in each role. The introduction Part One;40 pages is well worth reading first, however tempting it is to jump to the heart of it all. It explains how each alphabetical listing is organized, the difference between herbs and spices, how spices fall into five key flavor groups and herbs belong to another with four additional flavors.

Knowing this up front helps immensely in blending for complimentary and even counter-intuitive flavors. Part Two is the bread and butter of the book— pages of alphabetical listings of 97 herbs and spices. As mind-blowing as this is, there is more. Part Three, The Art of Combining Spices, might just be the most important section of the book, depending on your prior knowledge.

It discusses separately the principles and art of blending spices, using herbs in blends, and the spice and herb combination pyramid. Theses are essential prefaces to a listing many with showcase recipes of 66 distinctive blends.

A healthy bibliography and essential index wrap up the whole. It opens a whole new world to spice and herb wines. Just about everything you need to know is there—the flavors, the aromatics, the combining potentials. If you are interested in this book, buy it here and now in time for Christmas delivery. I had a computer crash. It took 5 days to bring it back to life. When it returned, it had problems I no longer wanted to deal with. I bought a new system keeping only my printer and external hard drives and the new keyboard did not work.

Living in a small town has genuine quality of life benefits I love, but the big box stores are all in the big city to the north. Every coin has two sides. Once again, I have to plug my TidBitts stream. I appreciate each and every one of you who have subscribed. My email has been glowing.

I hope those of you taking advantage of the free trial subscribe in the end. Thank you for the answer. The big day is tomorrow. Thanksgiving dessert is traditionally pie. Here are some recommendations from Josh Cellars, a label known for bold, appreciable wines that deliver the flavors and quality you expect, but any quality like-varietal will work. Josh Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Bright aromas of lime and citrus are the core of this Sauvignon Blanc, with layers of white flower nectar, peach, and tropical melon.

The palate of the wine is fresh and alive with clean fruit flavors and a perfectly balanced finish. The sweetness of the apples enhances the citrus flavors in the light and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. Josh Cellars Chardonnay As there are different preparations of pecan pie, Chardonnay pairs well as it is a medium bodied wine that is versatile enough to stand up to some of the richer flavors and sweetness in the pie.

The Chardonnay features tropical fruits and citrus, beautifully married with harmonious notes of oak. A delightful harmony of bright yellow and white stone fruit lingers on the palate and finishes with fresh and clean acidity. Pumpkin or Sweet Potato Try: On the palate, the wine is plush and subtle yet has a firm texture. Dark cherry and chocolate flavors fill the mouth with a rich intensity and lingering finish. The earthiness and spice of the Pinot Noir compliments both pies—cinnamon and spice.

Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon This Cabernet is an approachable blend with aromas of rich, dark fruit and baking spices on the nose yielding to fresh plum, blackberry, violet, dried fig, vanilla bean and Chinese five-spice. The wine is juicy with plum and blackberry flavors, prominently layered with smoky and sappy maple oak, roasted almonds and hazelnuts.

Its firm tannins and full body will stand up against the rich fruit flavors, spices and brown sugar featured in this decadent pie. With all the love, planning and sweat that goes into the Thanksgiving meal, let the wine be of equal quality. Just after Thanksgiving, cranberries will go on sale in most supermarkets. Pure cranberry wine tastes a lot like White Zinfandel. I have twice served it as a mystery wine and White Zin was the most submitted guess for the variety.

But pure cranberry wine is a tad thin in body. This recipe is different and makes one gallon using red table grapes with the cranberries.

Do the math for a 3-gallon batch but only add one packet of yeast. Seedless red table grapes are still available in the supermarket. Last year I used equal weights of cranberries and grapes and the wine was very good. Put the water on to boil and prepare a yeast starter solution. Meanwhile, wash the cranberries and cull out any that are unsound or unripe.

Coarsely chop the cranberries, and put them in a nylon straining bag. Destem and wash the grapes. Cut in quarters, reserving any juice, and add to nylon straining bag with cranberries.

Tie bag closed, in primary, adding any juice from grapes. Pour sugar over fruit and then pour boiling water over all and stir to dissolve sugar. Cover with sterile cloth and let cool about two hours. Add crushed and dissolved Campden tablet, cover with cloth and let set about 10 hours. Add pectic enzyme, tannin and yeast nutrient.

Stir, cover with sterile cloth and set aside for another 10 hours. Add yeast starter solution, re-cover and stir daily, punching down the bag. When vigorous fermentation subsides, squeeze to extract all juices from bag before adding contents ti compost pile, transfer liquid to secondary, and fit airlock.

Rack after 30 days, top up, refit airlock, and ferment to dryness. When clear, rack again and wait 30 days. Carefully rack into bottles and age at least 9 months before sampling. This is a good dry wine. You can sweeten to off-dry, but do not ruin it by adding too much sugar. If wine is a little lifeless or flat, add acid blend gradually until the wine tastes crisp. Again, my apologies for the long hiatus since my last entry.

Very pressing personal affairs prevented me from attending to any writing here or elsewhere other than emails and certain Facebook postings. Several real life dramas the latest, as I write this, my internet service connection is down continue to plague me, but I do what I can….

Of them, I most appreciated the following by George:. Just wanted to say I enjoyed your piece on Michael Nesmith. I just wanted to add to everything you said that he is also an awesome live performer, with a superb band. We traveled from west Michigan to Cleveland, OH last year to finally catch him.

Your comments are backed up by this one from Karen, who has written to me a number of times about many subjects—some of them were even about winemaking:. Your Michael Nesmith factoids were enlightening. I happened to see him in concert several years ago. He is a phenomenal personality and performer, and I love the variety of his songs and connection he has with his audience. His writing songs and books are magical poetry and prose.

In truth, the factoids I chose to reveal are but a fraction of his accomplishments. If you have time, read more about him. I am pleased with the response to my TidBitts stream subscriptions and free trials. It is less than I hoped for, but enough that I am pleased. I very much appreciate all who are subscribing or just looking. It is painless to get a first month free trial. Just click on the link in the graphic below and it is done.

No credit card pre-registration, no "service agreement," no nothing. As a reminder, the content in my TidBitts stream is exclusive to subscribers and will not appear in this WineBlog or my Winemaking Home Page for a long time, if ever. It is ad-free, delivered twice a week, and is deliverable to any connected device you might own—PC, laptop, tablet, e-reader, phone.

Long-time readers know that I love cooking and cookbooks. I only mention ones here I am really jazzed up about. The Food Substitution Bible 2nd edition is pages of recipe-saving bliss, containing over 6, substitutions for ingredients, equipment and techniques.

I dug into it the moment it arrived and have used it in six recipes thus far ;recipes I would not have tried had I not had it to consult. The 1st edition of this book won the prestigious International Association of Culinary Professionals IACP award, a testament this reviewer considers the ultimate endorsement.

And 10 minutes of reading entries will tell you why. In some entries there are even brief recipes for how to make the ingredient. There are four other things an entry might have, either all or in part ; 4 a bordered reference to useful measurement equivalents; 5 proportions for the actual to substituted item when not 1 for 1; 6 cross-references to other names the ingredient is known by or related information usually another form of the ingredient, such as dried, seed, oil, liqueur, or extract.

There are also 40 pages of reference charts at the back of the book that are invaluable in themselvs and often referenced in the A to Z main potion of the book. Mace is "a spunkier version of nutmeg, being the dried, ground, reddish skin that covers the nutmeg seed. One ounce 5 mL of ground mace cane be substituted with 1 tsp 5 mL ground nutmeg milder aroma , or 1 tsp 5 mL ground allspice, or 1 tsp 5 mL apple pie spice cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice.

I cannot say enough about this book. Land deserves all the credit. My name is David C. I am a firefighter from southern Ohio who started making wine in August Like most of you, I began slowly, but was soon bitten by the wine bug and started making many kits in my spare time.

After gaining this valuable experience and understanding of the wine making process, I ventured out on my own. I was amazed that anyone could make a good cheap wine so quickly.

Here, I will impart the recipe I developed that has become popular among a diverse group of wine makers. It is specifically designed to make good wine cheaply and quickly while waiting for your kits to age.

There are no secrets in wine making.

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